Saturday, October 29, 2011

Spooky Popcorn Pumpkins!

Halloween is upon us and I am getting ready for a spooky weekend!
Today I made some yummy Halloween Popcorn Pumpkins for a party I am going to tonight! You can find the recipe here.

All the goodies (popcorn, peanuts and candy corn) ready to go!

Margarine/butter, mini marshmallows, red and yellow food coloring.

All mixed together and ready to be shaped into pumpkins! This mix is really easy to work with!
Using the muffin tin is key- put your mix in, then the licorice in the centre and form the mix around the licorice stem.


The finished product ready for spooky party people to enjoy!

This recipe was super easy and the little pumpkins turned out great. I do have some notes on my experience to share:

  • I doubled the recipe.
  • You need more yellow food coloring than the recipe calls for. 
  • I also put the pumpkins the the fridge for about 20 minutes (kind of like rice crispy squares.) 
  • I managed to find everything I needed at Bulk Barn (I already had popcorn, peanuts and margarine.) I especially love their licorice... so fresh and delicious. If you ever get a chance to try this licorice you may convert to Bulk Barn just for it... that is what happened to me anyway.

Tonight I am also going to try this pumpkin beer:

St. Ambroise Citrouille (Pumpkin Ale) from Quebec.

Happy (and Spooky) Halloween Everyone! 


  1. Love your popcorn balls!

    I tried that beer last night too, but I didn't like it. Shipyard Pumpkin Ale is still the best.

  2. So good, Leslie!
    And good to know that the liquorice is from Bulk Barn. I was wondering.

  3. I'm off to the store to buy the foods to make this. Can't wait! Just want to find safe food coloring.

  4. Looking so awesome.. I will make it in my home.

  5. WOW, this is soo cool, I need to try it next year

  6. This looks fantastic, I am gonna try this out on weekend. Hope family will like it.

  7. Great Post and nice article.Thanks for sharing.looking so delicious.It is good for health.