Monday, February 21, 2011

This is just a great idea...

So everyone knows how much I love oatmeal! I generally dislike the prepackaged oatmeal and like to cook my oatmeal on the stove. It just tastes better this way (and its healthier. win win win...)
Anyway, yesterday I was reading in some magazine about different ways to use your slow cooker. UH HUH!
I give you:
Steel Cut Oats- Slow Cooker Style!!!!
 Now, if you know steel cut oats, you know that they take FOREVER to cook. FOREVER!!! They so worth it though and typically they are my "weekend" oatmeal, because I have more time to cook them. NOT ANYMORE!!!!!!
3 cups of water
2 cups of oats
Turn your slow cooker on and walk away.
I added some cinnamon once the oats were 3/4 of the way cooked.
Enjoy hot or cold for the rest of the week! I like to mix fruit, cottage cheese/plain yogurt, nuts and nut butters into my oatmeal, but thats just because I'm weird. Eat your oatmeal however you like. But DO use your slow cooker. Its the best advice I have ever gotten from a woman's magazine. HA!

So on this topic: How do you like your oatmeal?



  1. Excellent! I am definitely doing this from now on!
    To answer your question though... with a little bit of brown sugar and really warm and cozy!

  2. Cool -- how long do you cook it, and was the cooker set to low or high?

  3. i just did this again over night (slow cooker for about 8 hours on low). You could do on high for half the time on high and you should get the same results.