Wednesday, March 9, 2011

21 Day Kettlebell Swing Challenge

So I just finished day 6 of a 21 day kettlebell challenge! I am loving it so far!
You can check out the challenge info here:

If you don't know what a kettlebell is, basically it is a round weight with handles on the top. 

The Russians came up with it (of course they did) and you can do all sorts of fun workouts with it, including the swing. See the swing here on this youtube video:

I am addicted. I got myself a kettlebell at Fitness Depot and the YMCA Downtown also has kettlebells and a class which I am taking. Apparently, kettlebell swings burn about 1200 cals per hour (or 20 per minute). It blows all over workouts out of the water. Nothing touches the swing. I can't wait to see the results after these 21 days. 
If you want to get into kettlebells, I do want to say: Please learn PROPER FORM. Don't just start swinging around the kettlebell. YOU WILL HURT YOURSELF. Educate yourself however you can- whether its finding a certified instructor, reading and watching videos. I will say that Josh Hillis (the guy that created the challenge) has a blog and plenty of posted videos that will help you immensely.*

Happy Swinging (and eating!) Everyone!

*Disclaimer: I am not certified fitness professional. I offer only my own personal advice and perspective as well as links to instruction. Don't do any exercise you are not comfortable with. Consult with a doctor and fitness professional before engaging in new physical activity. 


  1. Oooh B and I are interested! Did you already start the class? What weight did you get? Is the program he sells worth it?

  2. we shall talk
    yes it is totally worth the money. what is expensive is the kettlebell itself. the class is just at the Y, its a drop in. so you'd need to just pay to get into the gym.
    also like i said, you really have to be careful to do the swing properly. so we can have a kettlebell swing pow wow if you want! haha.

  3. OH! I was reading about this and how it's one of the best all-round excercises you can do! I think I stared at kettleballs for a full month thinking about whether I should get one or not. It's good to hear such rave reviews for it!