Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Move of the Week: Quitting the Gym

So I quit the gym... Its been a long time coming. We weren't feeling it anymore. I felt obligated to be there. I had moments where I would go and be so happy and have fun. But plenty of moments where it was more of an obligation and I felt rushed. I felt money flying out of my bank account for no reason. Basically, my relationship with the gym was unhealthy and not cheap! An expensive date!  
My decision led me to go out and purchase a TRX and two more kettlebells. I've been so busy lately, dancing 3 times a week, going to yoga and just trying to have fun, that I only managed to get to the gym probably 6 times in the whole month. Those visits to the gym were also partly an obligation because I had the membership, not because I necessarily wanted to go. Plus, at the gym I was pretty much only using kettlebells and the floor. Why pay 400$ a year for that, when I can invest in some equipment now for the long term and put my money to dancing and yoga? Plus I'll save time from commuting to and from the gym and I can workout with my boyfriend (yay!!)

Its funny how as much as I knew that me and the gym were drifting apart, how much over the past few months I held onto it for dear life. Then, this past week I just sort of realized that it wasn't giving me what I wanted anymore.
I will miss some of the fantastic staff at the YMCA and some of the classes. I'll also miss working out with my sister. I realize that for some people, this seems strange. Most people join the gym to get healthy. I on the other hand, need to leave the shackles of the gym so I can have more fun and actually move more! I'm excited!
What about you? Have you quit the gym? Do you only go in the winter time? Can you workout at home? 

For those of you that want to know what a TRX is...

Expect a TRX post soon!!


  1. I quit the gym last December and it was really the best decision I could have made. Since then I have had so much fun trying new things and being outside more! I am not saying I will never go back, but for now it makes sense because I had serious gym burnout ; )

  2. The TRX is an excellent product... I've accumulated 3 of them over the years! For outdoor training it's worth it to get an extender. The extender will allow you to anchor onto high objects (like basketball stanchions) or big things (like trees).

    For non-gym workouts having some exercise tubing is an excellent idea as well. With a little creativity, tubing can be combined with kettlebells. Adding some tubing resistance to KB Swings is a good time!

    Great blog!


  3. thanks so much for your comments :)

    Two and the city- I agree! for right now, it makes sense!

    Andrew- thanks so much. I will have to look into the swings with exercise bands. I've got some at home so it shouldn't be too difficult!!