Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Taste of Ukraine

Friends Dinner Club went to Taste of Ukraine a few weeks ago!
Before we get to the food, check out the ambiance and decor!



My favorite part of my dinner was the Borst.  Really liked the texture and flavor of it. I am easy to please :)

My entree: Shashlyk (skewered and char broiled seasoned chicken), pyrogy and potato pancakes.
Everything was good, but nothing blew me away. When it come to pyrogy, I still prefer my neighbours homemade pyrogies or the ones I get at the Ukrainian Church dinners! 

Chicken Kyiv, pyrogy and nalysnyky (cheese crepes)

After we had all had plenty of pickles, garlic, pyrogy and other such goodies, we moved onto dessert!

Walnut Torte- clearly a hit!

Chocolate Nalysnyk- vanilla ice cream inside a crepe with caramel and chocolate sauce!
There were multiple of these at the table- and the plates were licked clean... 

All in all we enjoyed our experience at Taste of Ukraine. The service was fantastic. The price point was around $20 per entree (my whole meal, including tip was under $40.) We all loved the garlic, the pickles (except me- its one of the few foods I dislike) and the atmosphere was lots of fun. 
I know for myself, I probably won't return to Taste of Ukraine in the near future with so many other options to meet my pyrogy needs, but its nice to know that in the centre of Edmonton, you can find a little taste of Ukraine.

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