Sunday, September 4, 2011

Chicago- Pequod's Pizza!

Chicago: The Windy City, home of the Cubs and White Soxs! Also home to some of the most delicious food in North America!

Chicago in July is a busy place... its high tourist season, and its HOT. I can't say enough good things about this city. The people are nice, the architecture is brilliant, and the food... oh the food!

Which brings me to talk about PIZZA! You can go to Chicago without eating some deep dish pizza!!

Pequod's Pizza in Lincoln Park
I had researched a few pizza places in Chicago and Pequod's was our choice since we had spent the morning nearby. 

 We chose not to really eat before we went. I think we had coffee and a few almonds. It was also close to 100 F that day, so we deserved pizza and beer. We got the Goose Island Beer (its Chicago's beer!)- We got the Summertime Ale and the classic 312.
Refreshing! (And maybe a little tipsy by the second beer and no food...)

The Pizza! I essentially got a Hawaiian Pizza (Pineapple and Canadian Bacon!)

We each got a small (10") pizza- around 11 bucks each! We both ate 3/4 of the pizza and saved a piece for a snack later on in the day...

 Kierstin go tomato and pineapple!

Big thumbs up for Pequod's Pizza! 
I have seem deeper dish pizza's, but for us, this was perfect. The crust was caramelized and flavorful. I can see why it is such a favorite of locals and tourists alike!

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  1. Looks good!

    We were there at the end of April and we too sampled a whole lot of Chicago's fine food and liquor! What a blast.

    We completely expected to not like deep dish, but turns out it's fantastic!