Monday, December 28, 2009

New Workout

Just got back from the gym. I love mid-afternoon workouts, they are my fave!
So I started this new workout and I love it! Its a good change of pace from my last one and I was certainly tired by the end of it.
She has an interesting way of warming up that essentially means you jump around for 10 minutes to warm up. It shocks your body into getting into gear. You do head to toe squats, jumping jacks, 1 leg jumps, lunges... and so on. I think it warms my body up much better than the standard 5-10 minutes on the bike. and its more fun. I'm sure I looked a little funny jumping around at the gym, but whatever.
Also, my favorite part of going to the gym, is coming home and making a protein smoothie. For those of you that don't know, after you workout, especially after resistance training, you need protein.
Go to for more info and some great recipes!

Mine today:
1 cup skim milk
1 scoop Chocolate protein powder
1 small banana
ice cubes
BLEND!!!!!!!! and enjoy... yum!!!!

Now i'm going to watch more of HBO's Rome... so addicted.


  1. You're a machine. Still going to High Energy (or was it High NRG)? I miss that gym - I don't think I've found one that I like quite as much.

    Also, Rome is wonderful - I'm thinking of checking out the Tudors to fill the Rome-shaped hole in my heart.

  2. nope, I'm at the Kinsmen in the River valley now, since I live downtown. I've been there about a year and love it. The only thing I miss about High NRG is the support from the ladies, they were great. Facility wise, the Kinsmen is much larger... then again, I'm not a fan of all the beefcakes walking around! haha

    The Tudors is great and its all on the CBC website. I have seen all 3 seasons and recommend it!

  3. Downtown is saucy - I'm just across the river along 99th st.

    I have a membership at Club Fit - but I'm not digging it. Probably going to cancel it.

  4. I had weeks trial at Club Fit... not a fan. I liked the Y better. If you want a downtown location. well if you ever want to meet up for a workout let me know! it would be fun. besides the point that we should probably meet up anyway!

  5. Totally agree! I wouldn't mind meeting up for a work out, I haven't worked out regularly since you and I used to go - but now I have the fitness level of a marshmallow :S

    That lifting guide for women you've recommended - is that good for even people just beginning to back into working out?

  6. either of the book I mentioned (The New Rules of Lifting by Women by Alwyn Cosgrove or the Fit Female by Rachel Cosgrove) are great. They are both very different, but I think if you haven't worked out much, i think Rachel's book is the way to go. Her's is a 16 week program and I think it would introduce you into weight lifting better than the other one.
    Its only like 15 bucks or something, so its worth the investment in my opinion!