Thursday, July 8, 2010


Today Ryan and I went to Cora for breakfast. It was our second visit there and ridiculously filling us usual...

I got the waffle with custard and tons of fruit! it was great

Giant crepe= lots of leftovers 
(well there were leftovers but they got left in Ryan's car in 28C heat so its hard to say at this point...)
I got this last time and ate about 3/4 of it. HAHA

Clearly I've been doing lots of breakfast related things lately. Probably because it is my favorite meal and can easily be lunch or dinner too... 
Hope everyone had a great Thursday! 
I'll be posting that elk meat sauce soon, I promise!

Cora Breakfast & Lunch - Calgary Trail on Urbanspoon


  1. you guys are about the most adorable couple in the world. ever.
    also... I WANT TO GO TO CORA'S!!! (I miss that place so much)

  2. That crepe looks amazing. Mmmm crepes.