Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Random Selection...

Hello Friends! It's been a few days since my last update. Not because I didn't have anything worth posting about...
Saturday morning I went out to brunch with my sister, Cathy, and my wonderful friends Angela and Andrew. We decided to go to Blue Plate Diner, since Angie has been here since September and had still never been! (She is ridiculous. Lucky, I think she liked it.)
Cathy, Angie and I all had the same thing:
Pancakes with maple syrup, bacon and (poached) eggs. CHOMP! And of course, we all had never-ending cups of coffee.

Andrew opted for the Ranch Eggs. They looked so good! Next time I go thats what I'm getting! He really enjoyed them.
It has two eggs, potatoes, beans, ranch sauce with cheese and tortilla chips-- all baked up together... topped with guacamole and sour cream!!!
(Uh huh, I know!)

Anyways, I think brunch was a success on multiple levels!

Later on that day, my sister and my parents were still at work at moving in stuff. So I made them a snack...
I think this humus wins. Its Sabra Red Pepper Humus.  I really like the consistency and flavour. However, now that Cat and I have a mini food processor, I predict homemade humus in our future!!
This snack was a hit with the whole family. Especially the Happy Camel Pita's from the Farmer's Market.

And then there was dinner (from last night haha... yes time does FLY!!) 

Rice, rice, baby!!

Our Giant Wok/Pan thing... I'm in love with it. How did I ever cook without it?? It holds so much...

2 Chicken Breasts cooking in some EVOO with salt and pepper

All done!

How Leslie makes stir fry- frozen veggies, Worcestershire sauce, and some kind of teriyaki sauce. You can never go wrong...

Veggies- nom nom nom

All mixed together!

And now its time to eat!! 

I'm currently making an elk meat paste sauce for dindin tonight, so expect a post about that later this evening...
Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. I miss ranch eggs and happy camel pitas...

    Way to go. I'm totally homesick now.

  2. ah!!! sorry my dear
    when you come back in the fall we are totally there. :o)

  3. yes, I am ridiculous. and I also would like to try something more adventurous next time we go to BPD (because we are going again!)