Monday, April 25, 2011

Culina Mill Creek

This month food-loving friends decided our destination would be Culina Mill Creek!
I had never been to any of the Culina restaurants. I loved the small and intimate interior.

The Food: 

 Duck Hot Dogs (or what I would rather call Hot Ducks!)
These were okay. I don't really understand the appeal. A hot dog is a hot dog- I wouldn't mess with that. These were dry and didn't really have much flavor.

Persian Platter- humus, artichokes, cheese, and flatbread.
Apparently the artichokes were delicious!

 Moroccan Vegetable Tangine-
I had a bite of this and it was lovely. Full of flavor. Very Comforting. 
 Chorizo Sauage with chickpeas, tomato and garlic with cornbread.

Chophouse Salad- tomatoes, spinach, blue cheese, chickpeas, onions and Alberta Beef.

I ordered this lovely dish!
Phyllo Wrapped Alberta Goat Cheese-
the base is chana dahl, tomato chutney and mushrooms.
The cheese was soooo creamy and was in perfect contrast to the spiciness of the tomato base.

 Three people ordered this dish- 
Alberta Beef with blue cheese and chocolate sauce on "dirty mashed potatoes."
I don't know what makes the potatoes dirty, but this sinful dish was a hit!

Finally, Pork Tenderloin Steaks on a bed of couscous with spicy chimmichurri sauce. This plate was practically licked clean!

Our visit to Culina Mill Creek was lovely. Our server was attentive and knowledgeable. Our portions were quite large- many of the dishes were taken home at the end of the night (yay for leftovers!)  I like the balance of vegetarian and meat options. And of course, Culina supports local produce, products and businesses!
I can't wait to visit the rest of the Culina family restaurants!

(My meal with wine, main course and tea- $45.00)

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  1. Wow! We've been there twice. We thought we were just unlucky the first time but the second visit confirmed that we won't be back. Whoever runs or manages this location is seriously lacking. For the price, your money can be spent on much better establishments!