Monday, April 11, 2011

Famoso Pizza's Summer Flavours!

Note: I wrote a whole blog post, was 99% done and then the blue screen of death appeared on my laptop (eeek!) So appreciate this post more then usual since it took me over double the amount of time to write!

Last week we went to Famoso Pizza on Jasper Ave. Waited about 15 minutes to get in and got a booth (woot!) I was super excited and craving a pizza I had a few months ago with garlic, brussel sprouts and dates... I was sad to see it wasn't on the menu. They have their new Spring/Summer Menu. This, however, was just another opportunity to try something new!

My sister and I both got this guy!
 San Andreas Pizza
Oregano, Olive Oil and Garlic Base, with chili-lime chicken and mozza. Topped with fresh avocado, tomatoes, cilantro, cream and lime. Uhhh yeah: CREAM! So good so good! 

Ryan surprised me and got the Sweet BBQ Chicken Pizza- normally he sticks to the Margherita Pizza. He really liked it! Yay!

We all ate about 2/3 of our pizzas and made sure to save the rest for lunch the next day. We did have room for dessert though!

 Famoso also has new Gelato Flavours. After a few samples, I decided on the Pistachio Lime Gelato.

Cathy got the Chocolate Coffee Gelato!
Ryan got the small Nutella Pizza. It really isn't small at all... He was nice enough to share a few bites with Cathy and I. He took a piece home with him. 

Happy Eaters!

My Meal Cost:
Pizza: 14.50
Gelato: 3.50
18.00 plus GST and tip!

Have you been to Famoso Pizza? Tried their new menu or do you have a favorite you get every time?? If you have never been, I recommend it! Plus, they have a great dinner and a movie deal if you want to make it a date night! 
Happy eating and enjoy the nice weather!

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