Monday, May 23, 2011

Delux Burger Bar

Last week Ryan and I went to Delux Burger Bar in West Edmonton Mall...

I got The Delux Burger- 8 oz Black Angus Beef, Bacon, onions, mushrooms, and blue cheese on a ciabatta bun. It was massive. I thought it was okay. It certainly wasn't the best burger I have ever had- I found the burger on the dry side. 
Ryan got the Urban Classic-7 oz beef patty, cheddar, (no mayo), lettuce and onions. 
Ryan liked his burger a lot.

We also got the Delux Duo of Fries- Sweet potato and regular fries. ($5.50)

They come in a cute little shopping cart, because all their fries are "A la Cart." Hehe too cute!
I really really enjoyed the fries! I would go back just for the fries...

I would try Delux Burger Bar again. The prices of the burgers range anywhere from 8 to over 20 bucks. I think mine was $11. So all in all, under $15 for this meal. A little on the expensive side for a burger and half a serving of fries. I wouldn't get the Delux again though. And if I found any of their other burgers to be as dry I wouldn't go back. I do like their monthly celebrity burger idea, so there is always something new and it supports a charity too. Oh, I forgot! Instead of mints, they give you a plate of cotton candy, which I thought was pretty neat! 
Have you been to Delux yet- what did you think? What is your favorite in Edmonton?

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  1. I'm not really a burger person but I do love Delux's garden burger. It's delicious and juicy :) When I went a few months ago with Jus to Delux on 142 street, they didn't do the charming shopping cart thing or the cotton candy though; those in themselves sound worth checking out!

  2. ohhh if I go back I will be getting the garden burger. I can continue my hunt for the best one in the city (currently held by Blue Plate, but this is a unfair acknowledgement since its one of the few veggie burgers I've had...)