Sunday, May 15, 2011

Karma- The Indian Bistro

Since I live and work so close to Karma- The Indian Bistro in downtown Edmonton, I've had the chance to dine there a few times now. Generally speaking, I've had good experiences there. Their food is pretty yummy and isn't to hard on the wallet either.
On Friday night a bunch of us went their for a birthday celebration! The restaurant was very quiet (for a Friday evening.) It is two stories (a converted house)- the main floor seemed mostly full but the upstairs was basically dead with the exception of our party of 9 and two couples.
 Two of Karma's Signature Cocktails called Karmasutra and Tantra (Oh my!)

 My sister and I shared coconut rice, butter chicken, Gobhi Masala and naan. She was branching outside of her usual butter chicken to something new!

I really like their Butter Chicken. The Gobhi Masala was pretty good, but very oily. The coconut rice wasn't as coco-nutty (is that a word?) as I would have liked.

The portions were fairly generous (we have leftovers in the fridge! yay!)

 There is a close up shot for ya!

 Also: we got lots of Naan- which is always a good thing in my books!

Almost everyone got a variation of rice, naan, butter chicken and/or a vegetarian dish. 

Overall experience at Karma was only so-so. The food was good, but the service was definitely off.  For one,  we waited almost an hour and a half from the time we were seated to the time we got our food. The server didn't take our orders until about 40 minutes of us being there. It seemed to me like she may have been the only server for the whole restaurant (which is a problem and while not her fault, it definitely showed in her attentiveness.) 
I would give Karma another chance- but probably not in a dinner setting. My lunch buffet experience has been better, and personally, I think that take-out from Karma is the way to go. Skip the erratic service and eat at home with a good company and a movie or something!
What is everyone's favorite Indian restaurant in the city? Let me know!

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  1. Bistro India, surprised you have never been. Food and service are top notch.