Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thank You Tzin

This will be short and sweet...
While I go to Tzin on a fairly regular basis, I have never written about it here on Chomp! After our last visit, I felt like it needed a special little thumbs up!

A few weeks ago my dear friend Jason and I went out to catch up and celebrate his completion of his degree. Around 8 pm on a Friday night, we wandered into Tzin Wine and Tapas- essentially our go to wine bar in the city- to find it packed full. If you've never been to Tzin, this should come as no surprise as it is quite tiny and usually busy. The server said he could get us a table in about 15 minutes, but that we should take a walk and he'd phone us when a table became free. After getting a phone call, we returned, only to find that the table that was expected to depart, still had not. While we waited we were given complimentary glasses of champagne. That small gesture made all the difference in our wait!

Once seated we were treated fantastically by the people at Tzin. They have a strong knowledge of wines and always seem to pick exactly what you want (if you are anything like me, I just tell them what I enjoy and they always seem to bring me something new and delicious.) Not only are they knowledgeable but also personable. Every time we go to Tzin we feel like we get to know everyone there a little bit more- and they get to know us too!

At one point a larger party came into Tzin and we were asked if it was okay if we moved tables- as a thank you, we were given free dessert (so delicious- if you have a chance to have any chocolate cake there, just do it, don't even question your decision.)- I wish I had had my camera!!

Thank you to the Tzin team (especially Kelsey, who seems to always be there) for creating such a fantastic place. You wine and tapas are delicious, your space cozy and comforting, but ultimately, your smiling faces bring us back!

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