Thursday, February 18, 2010

Adventures in Comox

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I am tardy on the latest post. I attempted one a few days ago and it was all angry at me. I was also away visiting my dear friend Tara in Comox!! TONS OF FOOD and FITNESS ADVENTURES THERE, so lets get it started! Above is a great outdoor fitness facility the towns of Comox/Courtney have. How great is this. Everything is powered by you!!! YAY! I loved it and there were other people having fun. Totally a great community endevour for a fit town! No excuses! Seems like kids really liked it too cause there were a few on the gazelle type machines (remember Tony Little???) I would like to think that Edmonton would put one of these in the River Valley! I think runners would like a break from running sometimes!

Here i am. You lift yourself up!!

Tara- she is the vision of a fit pregnant lady! woo hoo!!

Unrelated to food or fitness- OWLS!


Okay, back to food! Here is dinner we made one night! It is whole wheat pasta with deer meat pasta sauce, cheese on top! and a salad!!


Above is a deer meat pasta sauce we made!! All it is is ground deer meat (very good for you, and lean!) with crushed and diced tomatoes and some spices. yumm!!

Happy Valentines day tea!

happy Valentines day treat- OMG the best ICE CREAM EVER! If you know me, you know that I have a weakness and that is ICE CREAM! this had vanilla ice cream, chocolate covered peanuts, peanut butter cups and fudge. yeah... pretty much heaven in your mouth!!

This was a garbage can at a smoothie place. pretty much the greatest thing ever. I wanted to steal it.

So as you can see, no reason not to be healthy while on vacation! I admit I was a little lazy while on vaca, but I got a great workout in my third day with a rowing machine and some weights my friends had in their garage! We also ate really well... except for the ice cream! It was a great trip and I feel re-energized as a result!!


  1. Sweet - looks like you had an fantastic vacay! Good job :)

    p.s. I am also tempted to go find a garbage like that.... every time you'd throw something out, you would smile :)

  2. hehehe i know, cutest garbage can ever!!!

    yeah, i was super impressed with those machines. Another great thing was they they were made in a town not far from Edmonton. Locally made! I'm proud of that if nothing else! Hopefully more and more cities will start it up!