Saturday, February 6, 2010

Gym Rant

So I went to the gym yesterday, not overly energized for the workout, but knowing that once I got into it I would be full of energy in no time!!
The way my workout is set up is through supersets (or alternating sets.) I alternate between 2 exercises for 3 sets. This means that I am not always using machines and in the sake of good gym etiquette I don't hog them. I don't see why we can't all share! Apparently this is not a common feeling among gym goers, at least not yesterday!
I was doing a cable woodchop (youtube video doesn't have great ones, otherwise I would show you.) followed by a plank for one minute. I did the plank in front of the cable machine. While i was planking, this guy switched my cable stuff and changed the grip. That's fine, but when I mentioned I was also using that and if we could work around each other, he looked at me like I was nuts. I told him I was honestly half way through and just needed it for 2 more sets. He said fine but seemed extremely annoyed....
Whatever... I did my thing and moved on.

Next occurance: I was doing 1 leg deadlifts and chin ups (on the machine, because gee whiz if you can believe it all the pull up bars on the squat racks were being hogged... usually I do negative chin ups but today it was machine chin ups, which is okay!) So i would go back and forth between exercises. On my last set, I walk up to the chin up machine and this man was like, "EXCUSE ME I WAS USING THAT!" And I said, "oh, so was I. I've already done two sets. I just have one left." He said, "well I've done three, where have you been??" I said, "I'm supersetting, so I was working my legs and resting over there... Honestly, I just need to do 6 chin ups and then you can have the machine for the rest of the day if you so choose. Do you want to go first or can I go? It doesn't matter to me (asshole...)" He let me go ahead.
I couldn't believe that i had two rude hogging instances in one workout! I love the gym and have a hard time working out at home (check out Bee Knees Life for a great post on the pros and cons of home and gym workouts and figuring out which is best for you.) I just don't have the space for a decent amount of workout stuff as it is, and I love my squat rack. Sorry, there isn't any room for that in my condo!!
This is why I like the gym when its quiet........ arg.

Not trying to scare anyone that doesn't workout from going to the gym. Its a great place and usually people are very nice. Maybe yesterday I had some kind of target on my back... haha.

Today for my workout: Belly dance (1.5 hours.) and Curling (I've never been so it should be fun!!)


  1. Could be worse, like someone trying to give bad advice while you rest.

    Oh the pain my ears have dealt with.

  2. haha... the power of the IPOD!
    at least (since you are a guy i'm assuming you don't get this) but people telling me I lift too heavy and that I should be careful or I'll get SUPER BUFF!!! yep, women are just weak, and 5lb Dumbbells across the board!
    Luckily I often get the opposite as well- that I'm strong and that they are impressed. that makes me happy!

  3. wow, how rude... I hate going to the gym for reasons like that.

    Hope you had fun belly dancing!

  4. I hate going into the "bi boys room" for that reason... they all look at you like "what. are you. doing. here."

    I sometimes just feel like stuffing a 30lb weight down their throat.