Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dinner Round-up

So my pictures are all screwed up tonight. I have an awful time loading them, every time! I'm no good at formatting. haha. Anyway here are some of my latest eats!
This is a Peanut Butter Finger from Purdy's Chocolate. I got a bag of them for my bday- 100 calories each and completely real chocolate! SO GOOD! FROZEN- EVEN BETTER! haha. (Angela- there are those earrings you got me making a blog appearance!)

Here is some quinoa cooking up in a pot! takes about 15 minutes to cook! I love it!!

Over the 1/2 cup quinoa I stir fried up yellow pepper, mushrooms, spinach and garlic. Added some of that roasted chicken and salt and pepper. Such a yummy dinner. I LOVE MY GARLIC!!

Here is tonight's dinner: Buttercup Squash with 1 tsp becel and brown sugar. I gotta find new ways to cook these squash. I have an acorn one to eat sometime this week. I usually do the same thing as above, but if you have any new ways to cook it, let me know!! Also: Turkey Meatloaf. This was leftover meatloaf from my parent's last night. My mom made it Rachael Ray Style. I think she left out the breadcrumbs, but I gotta say, I love the incorporation of marmalade into it. Nice change!!


  1. I love my winter squashes with peanut butter and cinnamon drizzled on top! Or you can cut them thin and roast them at like 400 and make thick chips out of them.

  2. i saw that you did the peanut butter thing... i have an acorn squash to eat this week, so MAYBE!
    i was thinking of roasting them as well... so many options.....!!!