Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Meet Mr. Cow Mug

Happy Wednesday! Here are some of my latest dinners. I really should start adding other meals into the mix! That's a goal for the next post!
All I did here was bake a chicken breast, season with salt and pepper, melted light Havarti on top and top with strawberry chutney. YUM chutney! that was the last of my farmers market stock so that may be the last of chutney in my tummy for awhile.

Took the advice to cut of squash and roast it. I baked it at 400 for about 35 mins. Put some balsamic on top about half way through. Roasted some yellow pepper and green beans (balsamic on top of that too... do you see a trend here?? haha). Then leftover salmon from Costco that I had at my parents- this one is a maple chili marinade. Probably not the most healthy way, but I'm not declining free food from the parents!

This is Mr. Cow Mug. He comes in a set of three. There are other farm animals will make their appearance soon!

Inside my tea pot is a mango black Ceylon tea. LOVELY! This is a nightly ritual of mine. (Also that candle is lovely- Vanilla Caramel from Bath and Body.)

***Be on the lookout in the next few days for some great recipes I'll post on here from a lovely friend. You won't be disappointed!***


  1. I LOVE collecting fun mugs. I also love tea - It's my favourite calorie free consumable.

  2. looking forward to those recipe posts...

    Also, I may be able to hook you up with some farmer's market chutney, since it will not be coming with me...

  3. yes, i think i currently have 6 different kinds to fit my every mood!

    free farmers market chutney????.... REALLY? haha

  4. Hi Leslie!

    Ryan told me about your blog =) I like your cow-mug. I like things cow-related. Your meals look yummy yummy!

  5. ohhh... you have a blog too! how exciting! and you actually make recipes! how exciting. haha. i love it!

  6. oooohh can't wait for recipes :)

    I love mr. cow mug :)

  7. so i made up a whole post for the recipes tonight and it said my html is wrong... considering i didn't touch it i'm not sure whats going on there... hopefully later this week i will try again!