Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Delicious day of food!

Hi All! So today was an extremely delicious food today! Lots of leftovers and general yumminess in my tummy!
Breakfast was the usual: 1/3 cup rolled oats boiled in 2/3 cup water. 1 medium banana, cinnamon and vanilla added in. 1/2 cup cottage cheese mixed in at the end. topped with almond butter. 2-3 cups of coffee.... i didn't really sleep well... not that it would have changed the amount of coffee i would have had.
Lunch: is what you see here! it was leftovers from last night! I cooked up 1 chicken breast in the fry pan, 1/2 orange pepper, 1 cup spinach, 2/3 cup salsa, salt, pepper, oregano, cayenne. Topped with cheddar and Rolled into a La Tortilla Sundried Tomato Wrap (i love these wraps!!) What a glorious lunch! I heated today's lunch in the toaster oven and it was all gooey and hot!

I hit the gym (deadlifted 145 3x6 again! woo hoo!) and my post workout meal was almond milk 1 cup, 1 scoop vanilla pp and 1 cup frozen blueberries. 1 hour later i was still hungry, so i had raison bread with a light spread of cashew butter (probably around 1 tbsp). This held me over until.... DINNER!

Look at that EPIC plate! Leftover turkey stuff portobello mushroom, sweet potatoe fries with ketchup (obviously), green beans and roasted red cabbage (sprayed with olive oil, salt and pepper.) I'm so full right and happy...
Tonight I'll probably eat a light snack tonight that involves eating my last yummy orange in stock! Hope you all had a great Tuesday.


  1. Deadlifts = cool

    Heavy deadlifts = awesome

    Your oatmeal sounds much tastier than mine. (I just add cinnamon & raisins)

  2. Dinner looks absolutely delicious!!!

    How do you make your sweet potato fries? I love love them. I bake mine with some cumin and spices rubbed onto them. (Also eaten with ketchup)

    Also do you have a recipe for that turkey-stuffed portobello? I just bought some ground turkey and that looks like a delicious way to use it up!

  3. Please come and cook for me. I want sweet potato fries... I will have to look for sweet potatos at the market...

  4. Vicki: i'm on it for that "recipe." really, its mostly just putting stuff together but i'll do that sometime on the weekend for you :)
    ohhh cumin hey? i usually do cayenne and chili power along with salt and pepper but i'll have to try that!

    Niel: you really should convert to the magic that is my kind of oatmeal. i don't think you'll regret it--- especially if you just add some kind of nut butter on top of your oatmeal. it will change your life.

    kierstin: haha yes, sweet potatoes are natures treat in my opinion...