Friday, March 12, 2010

Getting Organized!

So, Today I had an idea! I finished off a container of protein powder. I was just going to recycle it when, I realized it would be great to put some oats in. Yahoo! Above was last weeks idea, to put spices into old jam jars! Slowly but surely, my cupboards are getting organized (you don't want to attempt to find anything in there. I know where it is, but I doubt anyone else could find stuff without making a mess!

Steel Cut Oats- they live in this plastic container!

Quick Oats- old almond butter container!

Before and after shots! So much better this way! hopefully I make less of a mess!

Here is tonight's dinner:

I had BROWN RICE! It has been SO LONG since I have had it and it made me SO HAPPY! its in there, you cant see it under the pile of veggies and shrimp. This was a great and fast dinner. I'm still full 4 hours later! (Also had two pieces of chocolate... but I don't think that has anything to do with the fullness! hehe) Happy to say I cooked a whole cup of rice, so i've got plenty for the next few days! YAHOO!!
Enjoy your weekend! Eat well! I'm thinking pancakes on Sunday!! yeah yeah!

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