Monday, June 28, 2010

Farmers Market!

Happy Monday! (or not so happy Monday... I have a headache (I think i'm dehydrated, so I'm working on that) and my chain came off my bike. Which makes sense, the gears were grinding pretty badly there. Also not shocking, my bike is at least 10 years old and was 150 bucks brand new. I think its been in a little bit of a shock since I started riding it everywhere last month. Previously, I hadn't touched it in years!)

ANYWAY.... lets get to the food shall we?

Here are my purchases. Since I am on a budget, I have to be picky with my farmers market buys. Things can add up very quickly there! lucky for me (or sadly...) fruit didn't look GREAT there on saturday, so I was able to stick to veggies.
I found that I would polish off a container by monday/tuesday. So i got three this week. I am happy!

Mr. Cucumber. Organic and happy. I don't mind getting cucumders and tomatoes at the FM because the princes are comparable to the grocery store. Slightly more expensive, but nothing I can't handle!

I always go to the FM on the hunt for some happy meat. Often I see some and it just isn't what I feel like/want/too expensive. Today I noticed the elk booth. I got this 1/2 pound of ground elk meat for 6 bucks. I'm thinking either burgers or meat sauce. Either way, its going to be delicious and healthy!!
Finally, I got some of the Prairie Mill Flax Bread. Its SOOOO GOOD. It was my treat. Nothing better then good bread. Lets be honest here. I just ate some in fact. chomp nom nom nom....

I also ran into one of my favorite couples Andrew and Angie at the farmers market. I neglected to take a photo of them there... however, I was happy to run into them. Makes the market more fun in my opinion!

Hopefully I'll have some new recipes and concoctions  for you this week. Its going to be a chaotic next few days. My sister moves in on Thursday, so we'll be painting and cleaning and organizing over the weekend! I also, as usual, have a ridiculous amount of school work to do (that I'm about to start right now!) 

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