Friday, June 25, 2010

My Latest Addictions...

So this blog update is going to be full of food old and new. I'm starting with some photos from a trip from the winery that some friends and I went to at the end of May. It's a great Albertan winery ( I know, shocking the Alberta have the own winery!) But it was delicious. Here is their website: En Sante Winery.
So first things first, the picture above is of one of the most delicious pieces of pie I have ever had! it was made from apples from the winery's Orchard and had a delicious whole grain crust. we all enjoyed it immensely!! It was coupled with some really good Yorkshire tea-I even put some cream and sugar in my tea which I never do. It didn't help that it had snowed that morning, so I think we were all up for any kind of comfort food.

On your left is Allison sipping some wine. We also had some cheese and crackers to cleanse our palates! We were hungry... (photo of cheese deleted due to technical issues...)
I should note that the wines that the winery produces are all fruit wines. we tried Apple wine, honey wine, cherry wine,Saskatoon berry wine, rhubarb wine (which I purchased) and alfalfa wine (yes thats right! it was actually pretty good!)

There is Ms. Angela and Ms. Benita enjoying some samples!

I think that this is cherry wine I'm not sure! If so, this was Benita's favorite! it's funny how much all of our tastes differed when it came to our favorites, although I think we'll agreed that the honey mead was delicious.

Now on to something completely different! Something I have been doing lately is purchasing organic, free range eggs. I used to do it every now and then, when I felt like I spent a little bit of extra money. Now, even though I don't have extra money, and am on a tight budget for the rest of the summer, I decided to fit them into my regular grocery list. These ones I got at the Farmer's market last weekend! As a result of buying these eggs I actually cut down on my egg consumption, which I generally think is a good thing. It's made me more diverse and creative in my choices!

Here are those lovely brown eggs!!

Whoops! Can't crack in it to save my life...

This meal was not especially creative... I just really felt like eggs on toast.

Totally hit the spot! Chomp!
That was yesterday's lunch
Here is today's:


I decided to have pancakes because
1) I wanted them
2) I have some pancake mix I've been wanting to get through so I can buy new stuff. every time I see pancake mix of the store I want to buy it! But I don't let myself because I already have to pancake mix... however today I finished my pancake mix, which means that next time I go grocery shopping I am allowed to buy MORE!

oh so golden brown...

I put some of this jam on my pancakes today. This jam is called "ecstasy in a jar." It is raspberry jam with Belgian chocolate mixed in... delicious! I got it at the downtown farmers market from the jam lady (note: the jam lady is rarely there, it is usually the jam man. They are fantastic people.)

Gotta have syrup too!

Finally here is one of my most latest addictions. Goat cheese and pesto! I've been making tuna melts with pesto at the base and goat cheese as the cheese of choice. I just really love the texture of goat cheese and it's so versatile!
However, this week I purchased Dutch Gouda as my treat. So no goat cheese for me this week. I'll have to let you know how the Gouda goes.


  1. First of all. I miss the jam lady - and that jam in particular.

    Second of all. I want goat cheese.

    Third of all. I found En Sante's wines to be too sweet. I think they would be good in the recipes that they hand out at the market.

    That's all. :)

  2. Are those coasters in the last picture? If so, they look awesome. (but pretty gay for a guy like me)

  3. good winery pictures. your eggs on toast make me laugh. i love pancakes.

  4. Kierstin: yes i love that jam. i don't blame you for missing it. can you not get goat cheese in DR?
    As for En Sante, yes quite sweet. depends what you eat it with though. I liked them but got the rhubarb, i think it'll go good with dinner...

    Niel: Yes they are! from paris actually! its a whole set of old time poster and stuff! (and no, you are allowed to like whatever you want. having style is a good thing.)

    Angie: haha eggs on toast is a classic!! CLASSIC! i think we should have a pancake night sometime.

  5. also, is it obvious i used dragon for this? theres a few mistakes hahaha