Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hello hello!

So, if it isn't already obvious by my many posts where I promise I will return soon, things haven't gone exactly as I had dreamed!
For one, this thesis thing kinda sucks out any energy for writing not related to thesis writing. That being said, I think thats mostly an excuse. I procrastinate far too much not to update this thing!
Second: my wrist/hand/neck/arm/body- still pretty unhappy. I am pretty much doing anything to get it better. I did physio for 3 months. I've quit that now. I invested almost 700 bucks (insured don't worry!!) and while my pain and symptoms have decreased thanks to it, I feel like I've exhausted that route. I have moved onto massage. I am going to give it a try (3- 4 sessions.) If it helps, YAY! I know it'll make my back/neck feel better either way, so even if my carpal tunnel doesn't calm down, at least there is a benefit there! I am also on this new medication. I started it yesterday- its called Lyrica. I'm sure you've seen the commercials. I am sort of on the defensive with this stuff. The side effects on it are scary- dizziness (i sort of was earlier, though its hard to say if thats medication or just me, cause it happens from time to time anyway), sleepiness, nausea, inability to concentrate (great... i already have that problem!), weight gain ( AH!), and addiction (uhhh...) Anyway, those are just a few of the side effects. I know that all drugs have them, but its good to air on the side of caution!
The final thing I've got going for me with my wrist is this fantastic program called Dragon. You talk into a microphone and it types for you. It was given to me as a gift from some fantastic people (i don't even know who was all involved but it still boggles my mind that people would get together and do something so nice for someone. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!!) Its such a cool thing and I've typed about 50 pages with it. Sometimes i find really funny mistakes or sentences that make no sense. But the program learns from you as you go and makes less and less mistakes over time. Thank goodness I have it because typing is still extremely painful for me.

In terms of exercise- well clearly weights are out of the question. Lucky for me, I live in Edmonton's River Valley. My next journey out I'll take pictures so you can see the beauty of it! i have been riding my bike everywhere and anywhere. I put a basket on it so i can shove groceries or books in it. I've been belly dancing, as usual, which is always a great workout. I hope to take more classes in the fall, since I think the gym is my nemesis. I've also been running outside-- usually around 3 miles. I am so impressed with myself considering I didn't really run ever before and I dislike it. Though I find it relaxing. I also have been doing body weight and band exercises at home: squats, lunges and so on. And finally, THE STAIRS of DOOM! I'll take pictures of that too, but they are the second highest stairs in the river valley. my goal is to run them 5 times and not want to be ill. i did 4 on Monday and at the end wanted to throw up. I think by the end of July i'll reach my goal! I've also just been walking more often because I LOVE SUMMER!

I have no pictures of food. But I resolve to start that again! I've been eating delicious food and drinking new and exciting beers and wines!! its been a wonderful summer in that respect. Also, my boyfriend and I have been cooking together and for each other lately and its been lots of fun. Its one of my favorite things and we both enjoy it for our health and wallets!

I shouldn't promise I'll be back soon but I sure want to be! But bug me to post again if I don't!


  1. Yay! So happy for your new post!

  2. Oh my goodness! I don't think those stairs of doom ever get easier! I walk to work and it kicks my ass every single day!