Monday, September 13, 2010

Definition: Food Blogger

Welcome to my first official Project Food Blog Post.  The first post of this challenge is:
What defines you as a food blogger and why should you be the next food blog star?
At one of my favourite restaurants, Blue Plate Diner, eating Ranch Eggs.... DROOL!
If you have been reading my blog since its beginnings late last year or are reading it for the first time today, I think that this first challenge post is an important one regardless of whether or not I participate in the challenge. When I first started this blog, it was really a selfish endeavor-- I wanted to document my food and fitness gorls and attempts and hopefully inspire others along the way. I should probably give some brief personal history at this moment:

I am now a 23 year old Masters of History Student (hopefully for about only a week longer!) My teenage life was spent battling the bulge- some 35 pounds of it.  I lost and gained that same weight around 5 times over the course of around 6 years.  It was only in my 2nd and 3rd year of university that I lost all the weight for good.  This was through dealing with my emotional issues with food, as well as self esteem issues.  I got fit, strong, confident and healthy!  My relationship with food and fitness has evolved over the years, perhaps most notably when I slowly stopped looking at food as only calories and fuel, but also as an experience to be shared and enjoyed.  This past year while working on my Masters, along with developing what I believe to be carpal tunnel, has forced me to relax about food and fitness even more.  Shocking news to me, I ate and drank my way through my thesis these post five months and didn't gain *much* weight. (The weight isn't the point, its the perspective and the way I deal and feel about it that matters.)

Anyway... with that ramble... you now know what pushes me, where my view on food comes from (ideally a mixture of health, quality, responsibility and taste all coming together!) Indulgence is a must (no deprivation here!) but a little moderation and lots of intuition to guide me along.

I don't have much background in cooking/baking, I just know what I like and hope that others like it too! Its as simple as that! I like to post recipes of my own and from those that I find. And of course, I love posting about my favorite meals when out to dinner! Expect a little of everything!

Me and My sister in Mexico being silly.
I think the next food blog star could be anyone! I've looked at lots of different profiles and blogs and there are so many different backgrounds and perspectives from professionals to people that just simply love food, such as myself.  I think my own personal experiences with food and weight loss give me a unique edge.  I'm not here to preach or offer only low-fat recipes.  If nothing else I'm here to blog about my experiences with food and friends, while I figure out how to be a better BLOGGER, EATER and HUMAN BEING!
I hope you join me on this journey, no matter how it turns out!

Thank you all and much love!
Leslie :)

PS Please leave comments! They make me so happy and especially on such a personal post as this, I would really appreciate it from EVERYONE! I will let you all know when voting opens next week!


  1. Hi Leslie - Thanks for sharing your story. I really admire your healthy outlook on life and eating. You're an inspiration. Best wishes to you!

  2. Great post! and as your fellow contestant, reading your story gives me great impetus to share my story and food adventures too ... :)

  3. Ian: glad I could help! haha. can't wait to read about it!

    Enchanted: likewise :) your blog is so yummy!

  4. hoping to make you smile w/ a comment! i love them too!

  5. Leslie, your outlook on food and life in general continue to inspire me. I am so glad that I've been able to share some of that passion and experience with you! (in fact, I believe that is me sitting behind that glass of red wine :P ) Can't wait to read more!

  6. As someone who has seen you through the past 4 years of your journey, I have to tell you that I'm so happy to see you where you are now! Another amazing reason why you should be the next food blog star is because of the support you provide to those around you. While you've come to focus more on indulgence, you've taught me to limit my indulgence and to enjoy the things that are healthy and still taste super yummy! What I'm trying to say is that you've had a big impact on the way I view food and how it relates to my health! Yay!

  7. Good luck with the challenge and the school... As I hold a history degree, i can tell you it is the most fun degree in the world to have. Of course, i never once used that degree for anything except beating the neighbors at trivial pursuit; but that's just me. You will be the scholar and historian we see on Indian Jones

  8. Hey Leslie! You've always been beautiful - just now you realize it! I wish in high school we had spent more time enjoying ourselves and food than worrying how many points a cup of yogurt would be.

  9. Thanks for sharing, I love reading everyone's story. I look forward to reading more. Good luck

  10. what a great blog - glad to have discovered it! good luck in project food blog!

  11. Great post!! I can totally relate to you! I really appreciate reading such an honest post.
    Good luck during the competition! You can check out my post at

  12. I love comments too, they're so much fun, aren't they?! It's a blast to read feedback. Anyhoo, great post. I love the line that the next food blog star could be anyone. I've seen so many awesome posts in this competition. It's great! Please check out my blog too (because I too love comments!)

  13. thank you for sharing the challenges you have overcome with weight loss. i am glad to hear that you have taken a proactive approach to life and better eating. looking forward to your posts! you got my vote!