Monday, September 20, 2010

Vote now!

Hi Friends,
I am currently sitting in the Starbucks near my place, using their internet. Mine is broken and will be until at least Thursday. Not exactly perfect timing- for both my thesis and for this Project Food Blog Challenge!
Oh well! Not much I can do but drink lots of coffee! haha
So now I need all your help in order for me to advance to round 2 of the challenge. There are over 1800 bloggers and only 400 can go on. So I need you!!
This is how you vote:
You need to go to and sign up to be a member. This is the only way you can vote! Once you have done that, go to the Project Food Blog Challenge Section, and on the right hand side you will see:
CHALLENGES--> 1. Ready, Set, Blog! (Open)
Click on that and then look for Chomp! in the alphabetical list. You will see my lovely face when you scroll through the "C" section of blogs! I think you can only vote once for me, I'm not sure. Might be worth returning the next day to see if you can vote again (though I doubt it)

So friends! Tell your friends and spread the word! This is very exciting. You only have 3 days to vote, so start now!!  The next challenge involves me making a dish from another culture. And if I make it to round three I am hosting a dinner party and you know you want to be invited! haha!
Thanks to everyone, no matter how far I go. This is lots of fun and I'll be voting for my favorite blogs too!

FYI, the fine print:

Public Votes: The public may vote on their favorite Entry by logging in to the Site and voting at the Site. Must be at least 18 years old and of majority age to vote. The number of votes for the public voter per Challenge is equal to the number of Entries Sponsor will advance to the next Challenge. For example, if Sponsor announces that 48 Entries will advance to the next Challenge, the public voter is limited to 48 votes for that Challenge. Public votes are not factored in the judging criteria. The Entry with the most public votes is considered the “Reader’s Choice Winner.” The Reader’s Choice Winner automatically advances to the next Challenge. The Reader’s Choice Winner will be included in the final number of Entrants scheduled to advance to the next Challenge. There will be no Reader’s Choice Winner for Challenge #10. Sponsor recommends (but does not require) that you post an announcement on your Website at the beginning of each voting period to help drive public votes.

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  1. that must be frustrating not having the internet! when we first moved here, we "stole" connections from the neighbors but it was so finicky and annoying! hope it all works out soon. can't wait to see if we both advance to the next round!