Friday, September 17, 2010

Restaurant Reviews- Karma Indian Bistro and Original Joes

Cathy chowing down on Butter Chicken at Karma
Hi Friends!
Today I have two restaurant reviews for you: Karma Indian Bistro and Original Joes (124st location to be specific.)
I realize these are two very different restaurants, but I just wanted to let you know about my eating experiences there since I've been to both relatively recently!

Karma: First, I am embarrassed to say that this was my first visit there, even though I live very close by and have heard good things. We went there for Angela's going away party and the waiter was very accommodating and friendly (you all know how these large group dinners can go!)
Angela and Cathy
Anyway, we all ordered our own dishes and didn't really share. I am aware this isn't typically how you eat Indian food, but we had picky eaters as well as vegetarians, so it was easier just to eat your own thing. We also all started with samosas, which i really liked! I chose to have the chicken curry. It was really tasty. I know Ryan and Cathy had the Butter Chicken and liked it as well. My friend Jeremy was making "yummy eating noises" (I can only assume this meant that he was enjoying his dish!) We were all very content and full by the end. At the end, they also gave Angie a complimentary mango ice cream as a "goodbye."
Pros: Nice atmosphere, decent sized portions, fantastic wine list. Also, the take out menu is probably better than the eating in menu- it offers dinners for one or two (or more!) and are really well priced. I think Ryan and I will do that again soon! I know my friend Kierstin really likes to do that. She is the one that first recommended Karma.
Cons: They only have two whites and two red wines by the glass. Everything else is by the bottle. We all agreed that we wished they would have had some kind of samosa plate instead of individual ones, but perhaps we are being picky!
I want to return again or get take out, but I really think that Karma is a great choice if you are looking for Indian food in the downtown area (or want delivery!)
Karma is located at 10523 99 Avenue

Now onto Original Joes:
I don't really have a lot to say. I mean the place is what I consider a great restaurant/bar to go to if you want large, tasty portions and a lively (but not too loud) atmosphere. When I say you get a lot of food, I mean it. You get two sides of your choice and the burgers/sandwiches are quite large. Ryan and I had bruchetta to start. It was fantastic, especially because the bread came with melted cheese on it. I chose the veggie burger as my main- I wanted it because it had humus, guac and bruchetta on it. So excited! I got sweet potato fries and salad as my sides. I was, however, disappointed. The flavor was great, but the bruchetta made the burger soggy, which really turned me off of it. I loved the fries though... they were GONE! haha. We finished with Ryan's favorite dessert- dirt pie. Just ridiculously delicious. Not going to lie, I ate too much.
That is about all I have to say about Original Joes. I've had really consistent experiences there, and for the most part have enjoyed my meals. If you are looking for somewhere to eat with good bar food and big portions, this is where I would go!
Locations throughout Edmonton (6 in total, check website for the nearest location!)


  1. mmm Dinner for Two. I can't wait till my next trip home!

  2. Ooh, we are going out for dinner tonight, and I'll have to consider Original Joes! As much as I would love the Indian place, Kev...notsomuch. I'll have to try it out with some girlfriends.

    I also just caught up on your Project Food Blog entry! Awesome work. I am biting my nails about my own post. Seriously, I hate competition!!!