Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lit Wine Bar

Hello hello!
Thursday night my friend Jason accompanied me to Lit Wine Bar (10132-104 Street). Jason and I are "wine friends" and often go to Tzin (across the street from Lit).  However, with Tzin booked up for the night, I thought Lit would be a great option.  I had already been there twice before, and had had good experiences, while Jason had never been.
I was very hungry when we arrived (rushed to the gym after work and did a wickedly difficult boot camp class...) so I had worked up an appetite!

The server suggested Arancini Rossi to start. I described them as "adult tater tots" though there isn't any potato in them... maybe that's why! haha. They were great! Rice, cheese and peas in tomato sauce, stuffed, breaded and deep fried. Came with two great sauces for dipping. Thumbs up from the both of us!

Jason's first glass of wine was the Cline Mouredre (Red from California.) while I started with a Birichino Malvasia Bianca (White from California.) We both really enjoyed our choices- especially because the server offered us samples before we decided on a particular glass.

 Our second course was the Pizza Capricciosa- a fantastic flat bread  with prosciutto, red peppers, olives, mushrooms, cheese... the crust was my favorite part. The only thing I didn't like was the olives.

Jason got to sample three different wines before making his second wine choice! The server really liked him, probably because Jason knows so much about wine and could talk the talk. I can't... I just know what I like!! Regardless, I tasted the samples as well and found something I liked too!

Here I am enjoying a glass of Montere Rapasso 

Finally- Dessert!! Chiocolatto!!
Baileys and Kahlua Chocolate Cake, topped with White Chocolate, Raspberry Mousse and Chocolate Ganache. It was lovely, though it fell apart pretty quickly as we ate it.

All in all I really enjoyed our experience at Lit.  They have a great selection of wine and food.  The menu is reasonably priced too.  I think what put this experience above my previous ones was the really excellent service.  The numerous wine samples and food recommendations from her really made for a personalized and memorable experience!

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