Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Dish Bistro

On Tuesday night my friend Matt and I met up for good food and even better conversation at The Dish Bistro (and the Runaway Spoon) on 124th street and Stony Plain Road.
I had never been and while I had heard of this restaurant, had no idea it was tucked away in this location!
It wasn't a busy night, or at least by the time we sat down at 7:30, any rush had passed.
I liked that the menu was simple and small. I always get overwhelmed at places with large menus. Ask anyone I go out with, I often don't decide until the last second and sometimes will ask the server to pick between a few for me.
Matt had heard the tomato basil creamy soup was excellent, so of course I had to go with that! Along with the soup I had their Grilled Portobello and Brie Sandwich. Everything was delicious. I LOVED the soup- the texture was thick and creamy, but wasn't completely smooth, which I liked. I believe it had croutons on top too. Sandwich was served on foccacia. Loved the brie and mushroom- only problem was it was really messy to eat... WARNING: THIS IS NOT A SEXY EATING SANDWICH! DIG IN!
A comforting meal
Matt decided to go with  the Greek Chicken Phyllo Pastry with a side of balsamic salad!
His description was something along the lines of a "eating delicious deck of cards" (if you could eat cards of course... and if cards were delicious... okay clearly I need to take notes when attempting to describe others eating experiences... but you get the idea... right?) Basically: Matt really liked his dinner! And honestly, I think I might get it next time! Cheesy goodness!

Matt: putting up with my terrible photo taking skills!
I can't wait to visit the Dish Bistro again to try out more of their menu. Their price point was just right too!
Also I should note that on their website they have what looks like weekly movie nights! I think in the New Year I will be checking that out! What fun!
Have you ever been to the Dish? Love it? Hate it? Let me know!!

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  1. Never been, but I'm adding it to my list of "must-try's"! I love local restaraunt reviews!