Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Meat Pie Madness

20 Pounds of Ground Pork

A Team Ready to go! Ryan, Jordan, Cathy (myself and my mom missing from photo.)

Some serious mashing of potatoes....
30 pounds of potatoes!!

Rubbermaid container with all 30 pounds of potatoes...

Cooking up the meat!

Mix it all together with CLOVES, SALT and PEPPER!!

Now it is time to assemble!

Go team!!

Concentrating hard...


I was working on the crust...

Rollin... Rollin....

We purchased 15 pounds of dough from Grandin Bakery in
 St. Albert)
Rollin the dough!

In the oven at 400F for about an hour!

Baby pies!

So worth the hard work!

The Stats:
30 pounds of potatoes
20 pounds ground pork
15 pounds dough
27 small pies
13 medium (standard) pies
1 large pie

41 pies made by 5 people in about 6.5 hours!
My freezer is now half full of pies! I love the Holiday Season!!


  1. Crazy! Tourtière day is the 19th for us... can't wait!

  2. Oh my, that's a lot of meat, potatoes and pies. Great job on the team effort on getting it all done. I hope they tasted as good as they looked!

  3. I can't wait to eat my Tortiere! Thank you to all the chefs!!!!!

    Bonnie Troock

  4. OK, seriously, WOW! You are totally set for the winter. My husband would love to eat at your place every single night for the next few months!!!

  5. Love the tradition of family cooking together!! Especially thrilled to see Jordon in there enjoying himself and really contributing! Kids need to learn to cook! And when given the opportunity, they always love it! Kudos to you!!! Where is the recipe? I would love to see your family recipe. And, why did you bake them all before freezing them? Couldn't you have frozen them unbaked, and then bake after pulling them out like an apple pie? Just curious. I am the Curious Queen.
    DId I every ask you if you know Doug Troock? Love him. I used to work with him...

  6. Delish: haha yeah set until around april!! My boyfriend goes into meat pie withdrawl after!

    Val: I asked and yeah they are related somehow but he isn't quite sure how. Haha. Recipe I will get the official one from my mom, but its really as simple as meat and potatoes, salt and pepper and Cloves.
    We have always baked them ahead of time. I guess partly because reheating is faster.