Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lunch with Lauren

Lauren! (and a penguin)
 Since starting my new job, it has been more difficult to see some friends I used to see on a regular basis, especially the ones in school.  Luckily, Lauren and I have been able to go out for lunch every few weeks or so. I hope we can keep this up, and this way, I can let you all know about my eats at some of Edmonton's yummy restaurants.
 A few weeks ago we decided to go to Zuppa Cafe (9843 110 Street), since its close to my work. Overall, I thought it was good. LOTS of food for a good price (I had leftovers and paid somewhere around $10, including drink.) My favorite part was the salad, which was full of green grapes. I also had pea soup, which I really enjoyed. My least favorite was the panini, which was a little on the cold side. That is, however, a minor problem.  That being said, this is a nice little place to hit up for breakfast or lunch- to stay or to go!

 Our second lunch date was at Col Mustard's Sandwich Canteen (12321 107 Ave). In my opinion what a perfect lunch place. So many delicious and fresh sandwich options! I ended up getting a turkey deli sandwich with provolone and red pepper sauce on a french bread.  The only thing I would have liked was maybe a side salad or something... and maybe slightly more flavor with the red pepper spread. But I love that it is made fresh to eat, and the sandwiches are quite large!
My eats.
 Lauren went with something a little different:
Her choice was more vegetarian- a falafel! Lauren gave it the thumbs up, even thought it was on the messy side. We left there happy! 

What are your favorite lunch places? Let me know, especially if they are in the downtown area so I can go their on my lunch break!!

Stay warm everyone!

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  1. Everyone keeps telling me to head to Zuppa but I still haven't made it. Good to see a post and some pics! Thanks, Leslie! Also love Colonel Mustard's.

    Since you seem to be in the area, you should give Elm a try (on 117th and Jasper). Daily soups, sandwiches, excellent coffee and other yummy things! They are expanding, but currently it's just take out... so you'd have to find a warm spot to eat, which of course isn't the easiest these days :)