Saturday, November 20, 2010

Diets that Time Forgot

My blog update today is free of recipes-- instead I wanted to let everyone know about a hilarious and enlightening British TV program "Diets That Time Forgot" that I watched with my dear friend Benita last week.
Benita got the show from the library and we prepared to watch the 6 episodes over two days.
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The show involves 9 overweight British folks living away from their families for around a month in a castle (or what I would call a castle.. maybe it wasn't... it really doesn't matter.) They were then split into 3 groups- Victorian, Edwardian and 1920- each era had its own specific and original diet. At the end of show, they tallied the weight lost to announce a diet winner.

The Victorians- high protein/low carb diet. (that means mostly meat- and not much else.)

 The Edwardians- the "Chew Chew" diet- chewing each spoonful of food 32 times- but otherwise no food restrictions.

1920s- the first calorie restricted diet at 1200 cals a day. (mostly veggies- lots and lots of celery)

They also participated in the popular fitness trends of the day- dancing, weights, running and so on... and also had to wear the appropriate attire (ie. corsets)
I don't want to give away the results of the challenge because I think it is worth watching. I will say that I wasn't surprised by the results and I think it gives all of us in present day something to think about. The main idea that Sir Roy (the host and ultimate judge) pushed was that we have lost self discipline and need to reintroduce this into ourselves and society as a whole if we are going to win the fight against obesity.

I recommend watching this show with a good friend and a pot of tea! :o)


  1. Really cool premise! It sounds like a cousin to "Supersizers", in that they try to adhere to the diets of the day and actually do a lot of analysis of the diets. I need to look this up!

  2. Duke- yes, very similar to to Supersizers go... although I'd say Supersizers is much better and has considerably more laughs. And ofcourse, there isn't a competition to it- just two people usually getting really drunk and full.
    Diets that time forgot has that competitive edge to it... a little bit how I imagineif Biggest loser existed 100 years ago.. without Jillian yelling at people.

  3. Fun! I do not utilize my library card enough. This looks great :) I think I need a few sick days.