Monday, June 20, 2011

Indulgence 2011

Kierstin, Benita and I went to Indulgence 2011 at the Delta Edmonton South last Monday night. 
Here's some of the best photos of the night! 
Wine sampling (drinking really...)

Some 400 people!

Arugula-Spinach Salad from Culina.
It had gouda, dried berries, toasted almonds, sweet peas, scallions and my favorite Mighty Trio Organics dressing.


From the Red Ox Inn: A Slow Braised Pork Shoulder on Carrot Risotto Cake and Citrus Jam.
Yep it tasted as good as it sounds. Pork melted in your mouth.
We had dessert in the middle of our evening! 
 Saskatoon Berry and Black Pepper Cheesecake, Saskatoon Spaghetti and Coulis, Almond Brittle Crumble and Spun Sugar was from Madison's Grill. One of favorites of the evening!

"Where will we eat next?" asks Benita?

Cafe de Ville: Bison Brisket with slaw.
We imagined this would make for a delicious sandwich.
Niche's lamb meatball with a yummy tomato sauce.
My favorite of the night was from Tzin:
Alpaca with piperade and a reisling-chive emulsion. 
I was surprised but it was delish.

Wine Time!

Benita and I excited about the rabbit sausage from Jack's Grill.

Cleanse the pallet with some Lavender Gelato from Inspired Market Gardens.

So, now that you are drooling, who is coming with us next year? 

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