Friday, June 24, 2011

Move of the Week: Kettlebell Swing

Okay, so most of you know I am a major convert, pusher, addict... whatever you want to call it... to kettlebells.
I did  a blog post a few months ago on the 21 day kettlebell swing challenge. The post continues to get lots of hits and remains popular. Because of this, I decided to return to the kettlebell swing this week, and set up some helpful links for those of you interested in kettlebells and developing your swings.*

So here is a video that gives a general explanation of the swing. The nice thing about the kettlebell swing is that you don't actually need a kettlebell to do this exercise- other weights work too. Check it out:

An explanation on how to do a kettlebell swing:

Here is a great article on everything kettlebell. It breaks down a lot of the fundamentals of kettlebell training, including swings. It also has a beginner workout plan!

The key thing to remember with swings: its all from the hips. If you are using your arms, you aren't doing it right. Remember to pop your hips!

This video actually helped me take my swings from okay to great. I really understood some of the explanations on how your should think and feel about your swings (especially the plank idea.)
If you want to start swinging- go slowly, watch in the mirror, and practice. That is why the 21 day kettlebell swing challenge is so great- the more you do it, the better you'll get it!
Happy Swinging!

*Disclaimer: I am not certified fitness professional. I offer only my own personal advice and perspective as well as links to instruction. Don't do any exercise you are not comfortable with. Consult with a doctor and fitness professional before engaging in new physical activity. 

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