Friday, August 13, 2010


Hi friends! Just coming out from under my thesis rock to tell you about my yummy dinner last night!

Roasted beets!!! Gotta love farmers market season and beets. From August-October I always buy beets at the farmers market. so versatile. I think my leftovers are going in a salad today!

Got these potatoes at the market on Saturday as well.
They were great! And I must say, very clean right out of the bag. Some of the vendors produce is very dirty but the Hutterite stand is where its at when it comes to clean produce, especially potatoes, which i hate scrubbing!

Grille Zucchini!

All the veggies had olive oil and salt and pepper! thats it!
Had a veggie burger and topped it with avocado and feta. 

Anyone else like beets as much as I do? 


  1. Mmmm beets. They make beets taste funny here. Lets eat real beets together soon.

  2. what do you mean they make them taste funny? haha beets are beets aren't they? or do they grow a different type, is that what you mean?

  3. do you know whaT? beets are one of those foods that i decided i didn't like as a child and haven't tried since. maybe it's time...!!!!