Friday, August 20, 2010


Hello dear friends and readers... readers and friends....

So yesterday my friend Angie and I went for pie. It was a celebratory pie of sorts... she and I have both been in the same Masters program, basically the only two people attempting our thesis to be completed this month. Angie officially handed in her paper today but we had pie last night at one of my favorite places in the city, Vi's for Pies. And I got my much loved peanut butter pie...
I ate like half of it. I have leftovers for dessert tonight :)
Creamy... peanut buttery... chocolate rice crispy crust... What's not to love?

Angela opted for (German) chocolate cake. She also only ate half. I'm glad she got to go before she leaves me for the west coast!

In other pie news... I purchased a coupon from that got me a Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria  coupon- buy it for $15 and get a $30 coupon! woo hoo! and its good until February, so I have lots of time to use it, though I doubt I will wait! I think this is a really cool website and hopefully they'll keep up with the great deals in Edmonton!

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  1. I do love peanut butter pie!! I have a pretty good recipe on my blog if you ever want to make one!!

  2. That pie looks incredible. I've been enjoying groupon a lot here in Boston's a great concept!

  3. mmmmm. peanut butter pie..... that looks and sounds fab!!! i have never been to vi's pies, so i'll have to check it out - what part of the city?

  4. Holy YUM, this looks amazing!!!

  5. Kristin: Vi's for pies is 13408 Stony Plain Road. its this nice little restaurant that also has fantastic veggie lasagna in my opinion!

  6. Sorry, I'm catching up on google reader has over 100 and I'm so behind! Anyway, OMG that pie looks amazing and I want it right now.

    Also, I've been craving your blog. Mostly you make me smile.

    Also, I like your new theme :)

  7. Doc: thanks so much for your comment. i really appreciate it! :)