Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Festival Weekend!

Hi Everyone! So the last few days here in Edmonton have been lots of fun! That is because the end of July/start of August is festival time! and great weather! I managed to hit up, in the course of 5 days, Capital Ex, Taste of Edmonton and Heritage Days. Sadly, I forgot my camera for Taste of Edmonton... but regardless I still have lots to say!

Taste of Edmonton: went there on Wednesday night. First, Ryan and I shared green onion cakes (every year they are part of the menu and part of MY menu. so good!) Then we shared pyrogies (given what you pay, I wasn't impressed with the amount. I'll stick to my church basement dinners thank you very much!) THen I had these stuffed mushrooms... by far my FAVORITE of the evening. They were from the Gas Pump (i think it might be a bar haha...) they were stuffed with three cheese. CHOMP! Ryan and I didn't share those, thank goodness!! Finally for dessert: Ryan and I shared a deep fried mars bar (it wasn't that good. I wouldn't get it again. I've had better deep fried mars bar experiences...) and then from the Creperie I had a Glace au Chocolat... it was yummy! Frozen deliciousness.
Angie, Cathy and I had 2 leftover tickets each, so we hit up Taste of Wine for Sangria. It was OK... it was bottle Sangria, which we all agreed was unacceptable. Where is the fruit??
All in all, it was a fun evening! 

Capital Ex: The plan- go see Metric rock out with my sister and my dear friend Jason. and we had free tickets to get into the EX. woo hoo!! The sky-- BLACK! It rained and rained and there was lots of lightening. However, that didn't stop us from getting MINI DONUTS and ALCOHOL! 

Here is Cathy drinking Yukon Espresso Beer- none of us really liked it. It tasted like beer and then had an aftertaste of coffee... not as appealing as you might think.

Here I am with the same espresso beer.

Jason and his friend. They also did not like the espresso beer, but are smiling nonetheless!
Note: These photos were taken before we spent a good 3 hours standing outside waiting for and listening to Metric perform! We were all decently exhausted by the end! 

Now onto HERITAGE DAYS! This is by far my favorite festival of the summer! I spent Sunday evening and a few hours on Monday there too!

Here is Cathy and I with a delicious treat: Frozen Banana Covered in Chocolate! 
I should say: there are tents representing different countries all over Hawrelak Park. Each country makes traditional food and you buy tickets and make your way around the world! It reminds Edmontonians of how multicultural their city is!  This treat was from the Peru tent. 

Here I am eating roasted corn from Peru. Not going to lie, it was covered in butter and salt. And it was great.

Here is Ryan with some of his food choices... I think these are from Slovakia but I might be wrong. One is some kind of traditional hot dog/sausage wrapped in some kind of flat bread. The other is some kind of chocolate puff.
Cathy, Ryan and I only really managed to spend about 1.5 hours there Sunday night before s storm blew in... lucky for me I got to go the next day with Benita! We like to go and buy inexpensive jewelery from the India tent every year! And then eat...

From Afghanistan: Beef and Vegetable Skewers. I wish this had had some kind of sauce or yogurt based dip to go with it. It was dry without something.

Benita eating CAMEL from Nepal. We both agreed that it was tough (which isn't really surprising.) It was still good, especially because of the sauce they put on it.

Benita and me drinking Jalaab, a traditional middle eastern drink, made of rose water, dates, almonds, all on ice. We both liked it and it was quite refreshing!

All in all I had a great time over the past few days! Now that I've eaten my way through Edmonton and the world, I should get back to work!


  1. Hi! Ok so your blog is GREAT! I am in Edmonton too! I'm glad we found each other, your recipes look awesome. So funny about our picky "other halfs"! I am relatively new to Edm and haven't been to Cora or Blue Plate yet!!! Honestly, must get on that. I'll definitely be back to your blog!

  2. :) sounds like you had an awesome time - seeing all the pictures made me so hungry.
    nom, nom, nom, nom....