Friday, August 27, 2010

Chicken Soup for my sick sister!

My sister has a cold. It was cold outside. All signs pointed to soup!

I started with:
3 carrots
About 2 cups shredded zucchini
Into the slow cooker they went!

Then: Added 2 large chicken breasts
Chicken Broth (you can use whatever kind you like, boxed, canned or homemade!)
Salt, Pepper, Thyme

With about 1/2 an hour left I poured in some whole wheat macaroni... I think I poured in a little too much because it soaked up a lot of the liquid! haha But it was still delish!

I added some more pepper to my bowl and on the side had a yummy whole grain flax bun!
Hit the spot and warmed me up!!


  1. There is nothing like a home made chicken soup when you are ill. Your sister is lucky to have you!
    I have our family recipe posted under soups on my recipes page. It is different than yours... not as hearty, but still so tasty! Loved the read. Great to "meet" another local lover of home cooking.

  2. How sweet are you! Your soup looks so comforting :)

  3. soup is so perfect for this LAME summer weather we are having! your recipe looks great and i am ALL ABOUT the slowcooker!!!