Monday, January 11, 2010

An Article Worth Reading

I recommend reading the article "The Psychology of Eating" by Jennifer Bowden. Its nice to see something written in mainstream media (not just workout magazines) that really considers why we eat what we eat and some useful ways to change your habits.
This is a great article in contrast to this car wreck of an article. This article was extremely controversial for good reason (obviously I don't think exercise makes you fat, so I'm of the opinion that it helps maintain/lose weight). Fat loss and body recomp is 80% diet!!! While I agree, exercise alone will not make you slim/muscular/whatever it is you want, this article does a terrible job of giving anyone information to help them succeed. It also doesn't give people agency... obviously its up to you to decide NOT TO EAT THE FREAKING COOKIE... gee whiz. Exercise is so important, beyond helping you lose weight, its just plain essential to be healthy (and happy in my opinion.) It's clear that our society believes that slim=happy and that this is the be all end all, when in reality what is more important is that healthy=happy. You can be slim and out of shape.
Anyway, that was a terrible explanation/rant, so here is a significantly better and funny one by Tony Gentilcore

Hopefully these debates and the useful information in them will help you find balance and help you figure out how and why you want to live healthfully!


  1. I'm so excited that you have a blog, Leslie!!! Keep it up! You're definitely motivating me to be more healthy.

  2. AWW! That makes me so happy you have no idea! :o)