Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year= Pancakes

Pancake with Berry Jam

Pancake with Strawberry-Banana Jam

Good Old Fashion Maple Syrup!

So this morning my sister and I made New Years day pancakes! Certainly not the healthiest thing to eat but I would say one of the most delicious! We had maple syrup. But then I realized not enough of it... so I had some berry jam as well as strawberry and banana jam as well. I got all my jams from the Jam Lady at the downtown farmer's market this fall. I still have one of the cupboard unopened that has chocolate in it...Yummy! I miss the farmers market, can't wait until summer!
I probably won't eat much else today except dinner. Days like these are lazy days (still in my pjs at 1pm) but I'll go the gym soon. Try to fight off the January Gym Craziness with all the people and their new year resolutions... by February it'll be back to normal I hope.
I think for me the key is to treat myself and enjoy the food I eat- whether its healthy everyday food or a spurlge. Always enjoy it. Don't eat things you don't like just because you think you should eat it. What is the point of that? I really do love oatmeal and cottage cheese and nut butters. I love veggies and fruit. I don't try to shove food down my throat just because its good for me or has a certain amount of protein or nutrients. That being said, some foods grow on you as you eat them more and more. I remember hating cottage cheese the first few times I had it... now some days I eat it 3 times a day... thats when there is nothing else in the fridge, but still... The more you eat something, the more often your body is used to it and craves it. Thats why some people are addicted to fast food too... its all about what you put in your body!
Anyway, if you have New Year Goals- good luck with them. Small changes make big results no matter what your goal is! and remember to enjoy whatever you do (or eat!)

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