Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yummy purchases and Humus!

Hi Everyone! So today was COSTCO DAY! YAHOOO!!! Above is my grocery treat (every now and then I try to buy something new and yummy). Today it was Lara Bars! YUM! I'm impressed, if for no other reason than because of the ingredients. Literally its all real food. No weird chemicals you can't pronounce. Plus, they were tasty. That doesn't hurt! I ate one on the way home from shopping so I would have energy to workout straight away! It was yummy. I liked the texture (its date based.) Anyway. I also saw some other great things I want to get from Costco that I didn't know they had, including quinoa and this buckwheat pancake mix. You gotta be choosy- my grocery bill was 106. Which isn't A LOT when you think about everything I got. But I could have easily purchased 100 more... hehehe. Oh food...

Oh Ketchup, How I love thee... just thought I'd show you. haha

So I got this roasted chicken- YAY! Its going to feed me for days! I plan on incorporating it into a wrap tomorrow... just remember to take off the skin!

Here is the salad I made tonight! Spinach, grape tomatoes, red pepper, chicken (yum), JASON HUMUS (my friend Jason gave me homemade humus for my birthday. I have like 2 tbsp left and it is delicious!) and balsamic vinegar.
This salad was delish. I'm a big fan of humus in salads. YEAH YEAH! Try it out!

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