Monday, January 25, 2010

Bulk Buys!

So yesterday I took quite the adventure to BULK BARN!! I know what you are thinking, uhhh Leslie, it is bulk food. So A) Who cares about bulk? B) Yuck, its bulk bin food. They have everything. Candy was also purchased, incase all this weird health food isn't enough to get you over there.
Let me tell you all, this adventure is WORTH IT! (I have to say thank you to my dear friend Benita for even mentioning the place- she is the guru of cool places to shop!)
Here is what I got!
Chia Seeds
Hulled Hemp Seeds
Organic Quinoa
Buckwheat Pancake Mix
Heres some pictures:

This is Quinoa (rinse it off before you cook it, but you can basically cook it like rice. yum)

CHIA SEEDS! hehe they are too cute.

Here is all the purchases (minus the spices) The hemp is that "multi-colored" one next to the pancake mix!

Now, chia seeds are magical! but also very difficult to find. I have never seen them in any grocery store, so the discovery of them at bulk barn made me so happy! They were a litle pricey, But I don't mind! Same thing with the hemp seeds, although I'm fairly certain they would be fairly easy to get if I just looked around more. Regardless, these are my two new foods to munch on and become creative with.
Here is a bit of info on these fantastic little chia seeds (which thanks to katheats for recommending them!) Apparently they are high in fiber, fatty acids (Omega 3- which is the omega you wanna get people!)have tons of IRON (its like eating a decent amount of spinach...), calcium, and antioxidants!
Two TBSP: 78 cals, 5g fat (yay!), 6g carbs, 3.5g protein

For more on hemp seeds check out:

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  1. I so love chia seeds. I eat them every day, either in my oats (cooked or overnight) or in a smoothie.