Friday, January 22, 2010

Pictures of my creations on a pan

My mantra: make it easy, make it fast, make it healthy and most importantly YUMMY!
Here are some of my most recent dinners! Above is my supper tonight. Its 1 chicken breast, with onions and mushrooms, spinach, garlic, salt and pepper, ragu spag. sauce and light havarti cheese! YUM!. I cook the chicken first (seasoned with salt and pepper) then added onion and mushrooms, cooked them down. Added garlic. Then spag. sauce. Spinach next. Let that wilt down. Finally, havarti! MELT! and then CHOW DOWN! This is just a nutrient packed dinner!

Here is just some chicken. I cooked it the other day in balsamic and it caramelized. I think it would be really good with onions added! Simple and fast!

Here is some left over stuffed salmon from costco. On the side I stir fryed up some yellow pepper, mushrooms, green beans and onion. theres some sliced almonds in there too (CRUNCH!) and then added balsamic vineger. it was great and filling!

Note: all of these dinners took around 20 mins to make! no excuse not to make a healthy and delicious dinner! Also, I just love this pan. I got it the other day at Superstore for 8 bucks (I am super woman!) It has figure skaters on the bottom (yes, its true! I'll post a picture sometime.)


  1. Looks yummy. I think cast iron is far healthier to cook in than teflon, however.

  2. yeah, i know :(
    I got this pan partly because of the price, and because my old one got wrecked from some serious abuse. it got to the point where it didn't matter how much pam or oil you put on, it would stick. I honestly didn't even think of it when I got the pan.
    It'll do for now. when my budget allows, I'll get something better.